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 November 12–14, 2018 ExpoForum, Pavilion F





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Conference for graduates and young specialists in the PPI Reloading of the Russian PPI  Circular economy in the PPI Marketing 5.0. PPI Digitalisation Seminar on Export Seminar on Planning Seminar on Investments and Taxation

Russian Market of Cardboard and Corrugated Board Packaging Virtual PPM Water Treatment and Wastewater Disposal BAT for the PPI Energy Efficiency and Biotechnologies Seminars RCFA  and FMEA by KBR East Packaging Branding  






Day 0  – November 12, 2018


МInternational conference for graduates and young specialists in the pulp and paper industry dedicated to Vladimir Chuiko

Venue: Higher school of Technology and Energetics, St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design

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Day 1 – November 13, 2018




Innovations in the pulp and paper industry and integration of Russia in the global PPI market

Key points for discussion:

  • Russian PPI rating in the global scale
  • New markets to set break-throughs. Experience
  • Governmental support for the industry development
  • Structure of the current PPI Holding
  • New approach to the PPI financing. Cluster development


Andrey Zauter
Strategy Partners

Eugeny Ryzhov
Ministy of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation(preliminary confirmed)

Anatoly Steinberg
SFT Group

Antti Lindqvist
PI (Finland)

Ilya Gaspariashvili
Pöyry Management Consulting in Russia

Denis Kondratiev
League of Recovered Paper Converters

Elena Smirnova
ussian Export Center

12.30–13.00 The 15th Anniversary exhibition and Forum PAP-FOR Opening Ceremony

13.00–14.00 Lunch


Circular economy in the pulp and paper industry. Raw materials – Production – Recycling

Key points for discussion:

  • Sustainable development and production
  • Approach to circular economy: targets, goals, tools and KPI
  • Estimation of the current state of ecological potential of the Russian pulp and paper mills
  • Government regulation of the environment state. Ecological legislation


Nikolay Valuyev
State Duma Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection


Elena Semiletova
Master of Ecology and Nature Management

Natalya Pinyagina
Arkhangelsk PPM

Alexander Kagan
Syktyvkar Tissue Group

Natalia Malashenko
UPM  Russia

Natalya Belyaeva
Delfi; Expert Council on Ecology and Environmental Management at the Russian Government

Denis Kondratiev
League of Recovered Paper Converters

Mikhail Karpachevsky 
Forest Stewardship Council®, FSC Russia

15.40–16.00 Coffee break


Мarketing 5.0. Pulp and Paper Industry Digitalisation

Key points for discussion:

  • Vision of the current situation in the pulp and paper industry, transition to marketing standards 5.0 and the use of digital technologies
  • Strategic vision of the development of the industry by the governement. Government position according the need to use high-quality analytics in the preparation of strategies
  • Banks view of the industry. The role of high-quality analytics for risk assessment in the investements into pulp and paper mills
  • Big Data and Information Hub for the industry. Expert comments, optimization of industry processes through construction of information hubs
  • Analytics and competition. Possibility of using analytics within the law

Maxim Novikov
Centre of System Solutions

Markku Tynkkynen Vision Hunters

Alexander Zenkin Centre of System Solutions

Andrey Zauter
Strategy Partners

Elena Chernysheva Sberbank

Tatyana Yakunina
POYRY Management Consulting

Natalya Belyaeva
Delphi; Expert Council on Ecology and Environmental Management at the Russian Government

Nelly Galimkhanova
Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia





  • Export of pulp and paper products and marketing
  • Development of export sales of paper and board. Examples
  • Q&A

Elena Smirnova Russian Export Center

Andrey Dyadyura 
SFT Group


Seminar "Planning and scheduling of work in the pulp and paper industry. A plan does not mean a schedule"

Anton Voronin
IDCON Russia


Investments and Taxation

  • Investments in the PPI and optimisation of working capital optimization through management
  • Evaluation of the financial conditions of enterprises. Credit risks minimization
  • Optimization of costs for investment projects: myth or reality?
  • Actual aspects of taxation of enterprises in the industry: benefits and tax efficiency

Alexander Schelkanov

Evgeny Walter
WALTER Construction

Ekaterina Kuznetsova 
Ernst & Young


15.30–17.30 Meeting of Bumprom association


Day 2 – November 14, 2018





Key points for discussion:

  • KPI of cardboard and corrugated board packaging industry in 2018 and forecast for 2019
  • Packaging Market Trends
  • Interaction betweem producers and consumers at all stages of the circulation of packaging made of cardboard and corrugated board (from raw materials to final use)
  • Ways to optimizecosts of effective packaging solution
  • Logistics requirements to design of cardboard and corrugated board packaging
  • The use of cardboard and corrugated packaging for the transportation and sales of retail goods
  • New offers of manufacturers of cardboard and corrugated board packaging (increased strength, special coatings and printing, optimal design, augmented reality)
  • Regulations governing the responsibility of manufacturers in the field of recycling packaging waste coming into force in 2019
  • Industry 4.0: How to find your own way?


Alexander Boiko National Confederation of Packaging Producers; Chamber of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation

Yury Alpeyev
GOTEK, National Confederation of Packaging Producers

Yury Lakhtikov
Bumprom association

Petr Bobrovsky

Andrey Guriyanov League of Recovered Paper Converters

Daniele Valietti
IMS Technologies S.p.a. and Goebel Schneid und Wickelsysteme GmbH

Maria Vasilkova Segezha Group

Gala Mansurova
Huhtamaki CIS

Igor Kistenev
NISSA Centrum

13.00–14.00 Lunch


Virtual PPM: Integrated Automation

Key points for discussion:

  • P&P market automation trends. Adjusting international production planning and management systems to Russian reality
  • The power of data. From intuition to numbers when making decisions
  • Augmented reality in solving problems of pulp and paper production management. How do leading industrial complexes apply additive technologies?
  • Comprehensive and environmentally friendly solutions for stockpiles of pulp and paper products
  • How PPMs successfully switch to electronic archives?
  • Overview of the best available technologies for the organization of industrial wastewater control
  • Industrial automation and the Internet of things as tools to improve the efficiency of the pulp and paper industry. IoT in the Pulp and Paper Industry. Solving the tasks of operational control of technological processes, environmental monitoring and predictive equipment diagnostics


Nikolay Kuznetsov, Director, CLASS Engeneering

Antti Pirneskoski
Pulp & Paper EMEA,
Kemira Oyj

Manrico Giusfredi
Fabio Perini S.p.A.

Konstantin Golubev CROC

Anton Petrov Konecranes

Ivan Taranenko

15.30–16.00 Coffee break


Water treatment and disposal at the PPMs

Key points for discussion:

  • Trends and BAT for the treatment of industrial wastewater. The tasks that face the pulp and paper mill in the field of wastewater treatment
  • Water use: improvement of legislation on water quality regulation
  • Circulating water supply: cleaning methods, requirements, risks and impact on technical networks
  • Own treatment facilities: return on investment. Payment of the tariff for wastewater treatment
  • Organization of industrial environmental monitoring and its metrological support. The program of environmental monitoring and key quality parameters for the control of industrial discharges
  • Overview of the best available technologies for the organization of industrial wastewater control
  • The advantages of using magnesium hydroxide in the treatment of waste pulp and paper industry production
  • The introduction of decanters. Difficult precipitation. Problem solving for the most efficient removal of excess activated sludge
  • Modern water treatment technologies


Dmitry Dulkin Consolidated Paper Mills

Sergey Davidyan

Sergey Gusev

Alexey Raskatov  Flottweg

Denis Vladimirov Consultant on the PPMs' disposal systems

Yuliya Filatkina

Alexander Smirnovв
My Project

Bogdan Borisov
Suez, Water Technologies & Solutions

10.00–18.00. HALL "ENISEY"


Best Available Technologies for the PPMs

Key points for discussion:

  • Best available technologies for the Pulp and Paper production: types, criteria, efficiency. Overview
  • Measurement, control and planning of he technological process KPI
  • Reduction of costs for bleaching with ozone stage
  • Current global situationwith the use of the ozone stage in bleaching
  • New paper cutting technologies
  • Cost reduction in the repair and maintenance of equipment of enterprises, boilers at pulp and paper mills
  • Technologies for optimizing the content of calcium carbonate in the paper production process based on the use of carbon dioxide


Vladimir Duboviy


Alexander Smolin
St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design

Emil GermerГермер Эмиль Исаакович
State Forestry University; XYLEM Consultant

Alexis Metais

Giovanni Cama
Goebel IMS

Vitaly Zhitnyuk
Perm PPM

Andrey Podyanov

Alexey Kolegov
KOTES Engineering

Oleg Grevtsov
Centre of Ecological and Industrial Politics

Yury Mandre
Higher School of Technology and Energy (HSTE)

Vyacheslav Fleischer
Belarusian State Technological University

Nataliya Chernaya
Belarusian State Technological University

Aliya Ananiyna







Yuliya Sevostiyanova NArFU

Hubertus Besting Clariant Produkte GMBH

13.00–14.00 Lunch


Energy Effectiveness and Biotechnologies

Key points for discussion:

  • Bioenergy as one of the areas of biorefining
  • Bioenergy based on wood fuel in North America. Technology Review
  • Production of pellets in the Russian Federation. Market Review
  • Production of wood and coal wood pellets: Examples of the creation of pilot production
  • Energy efficiency at the pulp and paper mill. How to reduce energy costs? An integrated approach to enterprise energy efficiency
  • How to evaluate investments for the implementation of an energy efficient project? Energy service contracts: what factors hinder modernization?
  • Own power generation at the pulp and paper mill. How to use production waste for own generation of heat and electricity?


Eduard Akim
FAO UN Advisory Committee on Paper and Wood Products Member, St. Petersburg State Technological University for Plant Polymers

Richard P. Vlosky
University of Louisiana, USA; Centre of Forestry Development

Olga Rakitova
Infobio; International Bioenergy Magazine

Alexander Pekarets
Lesnaya Technologicheskaya Companiya, LLC

Ivan Ponkin
Mondi Group

Yury Lakhtikov


KBR East Workshops


During the seminar you will be able to:

  • Gain an insight into the concept of conducting a failure investigation using the RCFA methodology
  • You will be able to practice using such tools as “logical tree”, “brainstorming”, etc.
  • Investigate the failure / breakdown of equipment at a pulp and paper plant using the RCFA methodology under the guidance of KBR



At the seminar you will be able to:

  • Gain an insight into effective maintenance strategies and the role of the FMEA  tool in this process
  • Conduct FMEA for standard equipment in pulp and paper industry as part of a working group under the guidance of KBR experts




Branding of Packaging Branding at PAP-FOR 2018

Key points for discussion:

  • Packaging that not only sells, but also delights
  • How packaging has changed our world: packaging and sociocultural contexts yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Time does not wait: why should the packaging design be updated every 3-5 years?
  • Packaging concept. Expectations and reality
  • Creating a successful regional brand in the conditions of tough competition of federal brands (on real cases)


Alexander Boykoо
National Confederation of Packaging Producers; Chamber of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation

Artyom Maslov
Clёver Branding

Anna Sobyanina

Maya Arutyuniyan
Brandson Branding Agency  (Total Identity Group)

Emil Stasovsky Stasovskiy Branding



*Programme is a subject for changes. Organiser leaves the right to make changes to the programme. Please, keep up to updates on the website.




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