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Exhibiting Materials

Please go through these materials even if you have already participated in the show.

Show these documents to colleagues whose work is connected with exhibiting at PAP-FOR: it will help to avoid issues during preparations to the show.  

Requirements for on-stand activity

In June 2020, the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being of the Russian Federation established recommendations for exhibitions and congresses (source, Russian). These recommendations are approved by the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation. Please pay attention to these requirement – they must be fulfilled at your stand to create a comfortable and safe environment for all exhibitors and visitors.­­­

QR code

In accordance with Resolution No. 121 of Saint-Petersburg Government, exhibition events in Saint-Petersburg are only possible if all participants have QR codes, obtained using a specialized application of the Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services – www.Gosuslugi.ru.
Those participants who do not have citizenship of the Russian Federation, their receipt of the first and (or) second components of the coronavirus vaccine or a single-component coronavirus vaccine is to be confirmed by a document issued by an authorized medical organization.

On-stand social distancing

The requirements determine the necessary distance of 1.5 m for every on-stand staff member at all stages: at the installation, during the show and the dismantling procedures. The number of people at the stand at any time cannot exceed 1 person per 2.25 sqm.

For example, there are 4 people only can be on a stand of 9 sqm at the same time. The same principle is used to determine the amount of exhibitor badges available for your company.

Masks, gloves and thermal screening

Each visitor and exhibitor must have an individual face mask and gloves to enter the show. It's required to change masks and gloves at least once every 3 hours.

We draw your attention to the thermal screening which is mandatory procedure for every stand. The responsible staff member from the exhibiting company is required to monitor the temperature of the on-stand team.

On-stand disinfection

Every day before the show's doors open for visitors, the stand must be wet cleaned with disinfectants. All contact surfaces of the stand must be regularly (at least once every 2 hours) cleaned with disinfectants during the show.

At any time, sanitizer (dispensers or wet wipes) is required to be available at the stand.

Food & beverage, on-stand catering

Current regulations prohibit any catering and food service at the stand by both your staff and your guests. Also, the rules prohibit providing visitors with any kind of drinks, including tea and coffee.

Please note that there is no restriction on bottled water.

PAP-FOR healthcare program

We make every effort to ensure that the event runs in a comfortable and safe atmosphere. At PAP-FOR, we have organised the “Pure Result” program, which includes our efforts to cover our event with the healthy environment created for our visitors and exhibitors.

We control over the loading of the exhibition halls and the space organisation - both effective for onsite social distancing opportunity, as well as hand sanitizer is freely available throughout the event.

The event venue's staff provides thermal screening and masks and gloves check at the entrance to the complex, as well as the necessary ventilation and air exchange.

Marketing Materials

Use the PAP-FOR brand to attract new clients and increase loyalty of existing customers!


Steps to do

  1. Publish news release about your participation in the show on your website: let your new and existing clients know that all of them can meet you at PAP-FOR. Announce products, novelties and presentations that you are going to present at your stand. Here you will find the show's logo - don't hesitate to use it for promotion!
  2. Publish online banner on the website with a link to registration page! You can find various sizes on this page: choose the best-fitting your website and e-signature.
  3. Please, do not forget to put the relevant link to your banner.
  4. Sending e-shots to your database? Exhibiting at PAP-FOR can be a valuable informational topic for one of them. Do not forget to put the show's logo or banner into it!
  5. Publishing advertising page in printed magazines? Download the PAP-FOR logo in eps format to use it in the layout. In case your company lawyer asks you to indicate the trade mark owner, please include "The trademark is a property of RELX LLC".

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