TM Systems® introduces Zero-Ex®, its newest APC product for pulp and paper mills

May 13, 2020

TM System Finland Oy, the PAP-FOR 2020 exhibitor, was established in 1974 and has grown to become the major supplier of demanding tailor-made air systems to the pulp and paper industry. Today TM Systems® is a proven technology supplier globally specialized in energy efficient industrial air systems, APC and HVAC solutions. With over 45 years of innovation and excellence, the company has successfully established operations in Finland, China, Russia and worldwide.

TM Systems recently launched its newest APC (Air Pollution Control) product, the Zero-Ex®. This innovative product solves two major problems for pulp and paper mills: it saves energy and water while controlling emissions at the same time. This technology prevents emission of visible vapours into the atmosphere while simultaneously recovering energy from the drying process exhaust. Energy is saved by recovering heat from the drying process and water by preventing it from being emitted into the atmosphere. The drying air is conditioned and recycled within the process and mill halls. Moreover, the savings are huge; typically, the payback time is less than one year.

Over the past 40 years, the company has been working with the world’s leading companies and continuously developing its products and operations in industrial air systems based on the needs of customers in different climates globally. To date the company’s combined deliveries have resulted in its customers’ yearly savings in energy and water equal to the annual consumption of 700.000 Nordic family homes.

Source - TM System Finland Oy