Russian PPI Market Digest

Perpetuum Mobile: Russian Pulp and Paper Mills perform regular operation

We have prepared a news digest for you to see what is happening with the Russian PPI market at the moment.

What's inside?

Increased production of pulp and paper products in Russia in Q1 2020; construction of a drying plant and expanding of industrial packaging production capacity at Segezha Group; new product at Volga PPM; new contract for the construction of the second line of the plant at Arkhbum Tissue Group; good news from Syktyvkar Tissue Group; flashback to investment projects at Ilim Group in 2019 and updates from the PAP-FOR 2020 exhibitors!

Don't you also miss a virtual tour to the Russian Volga PPM!

Russian Pulp and Paper Industry Overcomes the Lockdown

  • All the pulp and paper producers were allowed to continue operation during the quarantine
  • 35 forestry enterprises┬áconsidered as system-forming will get support from the government

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Russia is Increasing Production of Pulp and Paper Products

According to the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) data on industrial production for Q1 2020, Russia increased its output of pulp, paper and cardboard. Industrial production in Q1 2020 increased by 1.5% vs January-March 2019.

Segezha Group Starts Construction of a Drying Plant for Dry Lignosulfonate Production at the Sokolsky PPM

Construction of a workshop equipped with a drying plant for release of dry lignosulfonate has started at the Sokolsky PPM owned by Segezha Group (part of Sistema JSFC) in the Vologda Region in the framework of the investment program.

JSC Volga Starts Making Brown-Shade Paper


As informed by VolgaÔÇÖs Chief Process Engineer Mr Dmitrii Spitsin, in 2020 JSC Volga has launched production of brown-shade paper, 42-48 g/m2 grammage, to be used as liner for corrugated cardboard

This paper is distinct for its unique colour (brown shade), absorbency and furnish (being produced form 100% TMP).

Russian Syktyvkar Tissue Group Increased Production

In March 2020, predicting a general increase in the demand for hygiene products, the company increased toilet paper and paper towels production capacity at the Syktyvkar mill.

On the Gambini conversion line, the total volume of production reached 12.476 million rolls, which is more than 7% higher than the previous record of the company set in August 2019.

On the SINHRO production line, the production increased by 50,000 rolls vs the previous record in December 2019 and reached 7.852 million rolls.

A Contract for the Construction of the Second Line of the Arkhbum Tissue Group Plant in Vorsino With a Total Amount of 8.5 Billion Rubles was Signed

Arkhbum Tissue Group LLC (Vorsino industrial park, Kaluga region, a part of Pulp Mill Holding) signed a contract for the construction of the second tissue production line with 70 tpy capacity.

Now the company is implementing a large investment program to expand the range of products and launch new Soffione products: table napkins, paper handkerchiefs and fashion napkins in boxes. In November 2020, a table napkin production line will be launched, and in January 2021, the installation of the third Futura converting line will start.

Segezha Group Expands Industrial Packaging Production Capacity at Salsk Mill

In Q1 this year, branch of Segezha Packaging LLC, asset of Segezha Group (part of Sistema JSFC) in the city of Salsk, Rostov Oblast, doubled its production output. The mill produced 37.5 million industrial sacks and 3.8 million consumer bags, versus 18.9 million and 2.06 million in the same period of the previous year, respectively.

Visit Volga!

Volga PPM offers a virtual tour to the newsprint paper production process!

You can walk through 12 main production facilities at Volga, where 3d panorama is complemented with videos of the manufacturing process.

Switch to English and enjoy the tour!

In 2019, Ilim Group Implemented a Rrecord-Breaking Investment In Modernisation

In 2019, Ilim Group invested a record-high CAPEX of USD 715 million dollars to upgrade its production assets, including USD 287, 6 million worth of environmental projects.

Development of environmental initiatives and reduction of the environmental footprint is one of the key priorities for Ilim Group. In particular, Ilim continues to put in place the best available technologies (BAT) at its mills in order to minimize the harmful environmental impact. In 2019, total investments spent to implement these projects amounted to USD 287, 6 million In addition, Ilim Group allocated more than USD 47 million for other environmental efforts (including costs for environmental equipment operation, conservation and restoration of natural resources, monitoring and control, research and development work, etc.).

PAP-FOR 2020 Exhibitor News

Voith Supplies Extension of Recycled Fiber Plant for JSC Yarpaper

JSC Yarpaper, specialist in the production of paper and cardboard in Russia, signed the contract with Voith for the extension of existing recycled fiber line. A precedent plant audit was carried out by Voith in order to decide for the best solution in regard to final product quality, operating and investment costs.

TM Systems® Introduces Zero-Ex®, its Newest APC Product for Pulp and Paper Mills

This innovative product solves two major problems for pulp and paper mills: it saves energy and water while controlling emissions at the same time. This technology prevents emission of visible vapours into the atmosphere while simultaneously recovering energy from the drying process exhaust.

Andritz to Manufacture Modern Equipment for Segezha PPM

Segezha PPM (Karelian asset of Segezha Group holding, part of Sistema JSFC) continues the works on production capacity modernization. The enterprise is improving its productivity and energy efficiency and reduces its environmental impact.

In 2021, worn and obsolete equipment in the Lime Causticization & Reburning Workshop (LCRW) will be replaced with new and environmentally friendly one. Tatiana Balekhova, Director for Investments of Segezha PPM, informs that the envisaged measures will help increase the average daily output of digester No. 4 from 1100 to 1200 tons of air-dry pulp (ADP).

PCMC & STAX Technologies complete AFH line at Syktyvkar Tissue Group mill

Complete automatic tissue industrial line ÔÇô the PCMC & STAX Technologies system solution is presented on this video.

Have a look at the complete, from converting to  palletising, AFH line in real production. This complete production line is representing just one of numerous possibilities that PCMC and STAX can offer in designing and delivering complete lines for both AFH and Consumer products.

Vecoplan® optimises its pipe belt conveyor: no more material losses during bulk material transport

The Vecoplan┬« range includes VecoBelt belt conveyors which are suitable for transporting all types of bulk material. The closed design of these conveyors protect the environment from the materials being transported. The conveyors can dependably cope with horizontal and vertical bends and also with slight inclines ÔÇô even over long distances. Vecoplan┬« has now further optimised this series: its users now get a solution in which absolutely no material can be lost. This made it the right choice for S├Âdra, Sweden's biggest forest owners' association and also an internationally active wood processor.

From Italy with love - MVM presents sharpening and grinding machines for the first time at PAP-FOR!

MVM Srl, a world leader in the production of sharpening and grinding machines for industrial blades and knives for 60 years (founded in 1959), will be present at PAP-FOR 2020  with a wide range of updated solutions and products dedicated to the universe of the "paper" sector.

See you in St. Petersburg on November 24-27, 2020!